Dumpster Rental in New Hampshire

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Dumpster Rental in New Hampshire

There are plenty of options for services that offer dumpster rental in New Hampshire, but before you plan the waste disposal into your budget, you should know some of the basic facts. There are a lot of unknown factors that may affect your project and pricing where your dumpster rental is concerned. For instance, did you ever consider the price of landfills and the effect it may have on dumpster rental in New Hampshire? Read below for a quick refresher course before you plan your project or renovation.  

Dumpster Sizes

One of the main issues that you'll need to consider before selecting the dumpster you'll need is the size of the dumpster in cubic yards. There are typically three different sizes offered by companies you'll use for dumpster rental in New Hampshire. The typical options are ten, twenty and thirty cubic yard dumpsters. If you're unsure of which size will be right for your project, we've listed a few guidelines below: 10 Cubic Yards – If you're undergoing a small home project such as a yard clean-up, garage renovation or spring cleaning, than you're going to want to look into a 10 yard dumpster rental. This is usually the smallest option and perfect for small home projects.  20 Cubic Yards – For the larger home projects such as kitchen renovations or carpet removals, you'll want to look into the most common mid-range dumpster – usually around 20 cubic yards. 30 Cubic Yards – Thirty yard dumpster rentals are often used for those that are embarking on full home renovations or small industrial projects. If you're going to need one of the largest dumpster rentals in New Hampshire than definitely look at the thirty cubic yard option.  

 Things to Think About That Affect Pricing

 Before you factor the service price for dumpster rental in New Hampshire into your schedule, you'll want to consider a few of the different aspects that will affect the bottom line. Driving Distance – The dumpster rental company will have to pay those high gas prices for the commute from their headquarters to your project site and then on to the landfill. Make sure you don't accidentally choose a company that is far from both of those and will charge you high prices for all of their driving. However, considering you live in New Hampshire, you should be able to find a company within reasonable distance to your site. Landfill Prices – Another factor that many project managers and homeowners don't estimate into the dumpster rental costs is the price that the landfill or local municipality charges for dumping. Some landfills may charge more for dumping because of higher tax rates over different towns and states.  

University of New Hampshire – First University Powered by Landfill Gases

An interesting aspect of landfills in New Hampshire is a new project started in 2007 by the University of New Hampshire. The waste generated by your dumpster rental in New Hampshire is transferred from the landfill and to power the university in the form of enriched and purified gas. Interestingly enough, this project going on in your state is the first to be taken on by any university in the United States.

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