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San Diego DumpsterIf you are looking to rent a dumpster in San Diego, CA, you have come to the right place! We provide only the best dumpster rental service in San Diego and all of California. Whether you are looking for a roll off container for your a remodel or weekly front-load service, Premier Dumpster Rental will get you the best dumpster rental price in your area. Get the 10, 20, 30 or 40 yard dumpster you are looking for. Premier Dumpster Rental has you covered for San Diego Dumpster Rental! Call now at (888) 880-7713 for pricing and availability.

How Are Dumpster Rental Prices Quoted?

Dumpster rental prices vary from city to city and state to state.  The price quote that you receive from most companies includes several different fees.  This flat rate is for delivery, pickup, and disposal. The rental quote includes the duration of time that you need the dumpster for as well as the size of it.

When you are trying to make a decision, you should consider the following things:

  • What types of fees are included in the price quote?
  • How long do you get to use the rental dumpster?
  • What size of dumpster is included in the quote?

How Extra Charges Are Incurred

There are extra charges for keeping a rental dumpster past it’s due date.  You will also incur additional fees if you place more weight in the dumpster than what is included.  Heavier items like construction debris can cause extra weight and this can cost you a fortune.

What Impacts Dumpster Prices?

There are a number of different things that impact rental dumpster prices.  Here are a few:
Size of the Rental Dumpster.  There are 3 Yard, 20 Yard, 30 Yard, and 40 Yard sizes available.
Location of the Delivery Address.  The location of your home or office can determine the price of your rental dumpster.
Your Area’s Dump Fees.  This varies from one location to the next.

Dumpster rental San Diego is different than some areas of the country.  In fact, here are some things that you need to know about the city:

  • A dumpster permit is $110.00.  It must be acquired before a dumpster is placed.
  • A dumpster cannot be placed in front of painted curb such as passenger loading, or disabled zones.
  • A minimum of 10 feet clearance is required from dumpster door to nearest obstruction. A minimum of 25 feet clearance from dumpster door to alley or curb return.
  • A dumpster shall be placed entirely in front of the requesting business or residence and shall not be placed in front of the adjacent business or residence.
  • 24 Hours in advance of dumpster placement, “No Parking” signs shall be posted.
  • If a dumpster is being used within parking meters’ area, a fee of $6.00 per day per meter is required for parking meters’ bags/signs.
  • Vehicles shall not park in the surplus area of a dumpster zone. Violators subject to parking citations.
  • A “type 1” barricade with a flashing light is required to be placed at each end of the dumpster.
  • The minimum street width is required to place a dumpster in the street.  It is 36 feet if parking is allowed on both sides and 32 feet if parking is allowed only on one side.

Different dumpster rental companies charge different prices depending on the size of the receptacle and the duration that you need it for.  You can check with your city for its ordinance governing the use of trash receptacles.  This will allow you to make the best decision regarding size and duration of use.  If you have a small or large project, there’s a dumpster to meet your needs.

<?php echo  ?> DumpsterCommonly, a lot of individuals are unsure of the steps that need to be taken when undertaking a remodeling project. The most likely forgotten expense during a building or remodeling job is often the cost of a container to rent. While such expenses may seem to be a little trivial compared to the cost of the entire building undertaking, they should certainly not be forgotten. Considering the volume of debris that is likely to be present for the period of a building job, it is only reasonable to get rid of it as rapidly as possible.

Presently there will be typically only two types of containers for rent: front load and roll off. The names of these dumpsters are indicative of the method that is utilized to transport and empty them. A front load dumpster is collected, moved and emptied using a front-load mechanism on the dumpster and truck. This particular variety of truck is acknowledged to be slightly more efficient since it can transport more garbage to a land fill site. In contrast, a roll off dumpster simply hooks up on the back of a truck and is then brought to the necessary garbage disposal site. <?php echo  ?> Dumpster SizesTrucks are only equipped of carrying these dumpsters 1 at a time, which unfortunately could lead to elevated costs for the dumpster rental company.

So which dumpster is suitable for your next task? In a good number of circumstances, front load dumpsters are only offered for permanent service. The hauler must undoubtedly also own the correct gear. Owing to the increased expenses connected with front load rentals, not all companies will provide them. Most front load trash containers can be purged on a weekly or monthly schedule. The garbage container can be unloaded into the truck on-site; the trash dumpster doesn't need to be taken to the land fill.

<?php echo  ?>, <?php echo ] ?> Roll OffMost of us have no idea what to anticipate regarding dumpster prices. In many cases, it costs around $300-$500 to book a can 7 days. Nonetheless, this price will differ based on dumpster size, type, how fast you need it, and just how long you require it for. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the quantity of landfill sites that are present within the area. Without many nearby landfill sites, dumpster rental providers definitely will have to travel far to empty the rubbish. This can lead to greater costs to the provider, which subsequently are passed on to the client. In today's economic climate, more development projects are being undertaken, meaning that dumpster rental is in higher demand. Therefore, it is important to call a hauler as quickly as possible to lock in a preferred price.

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