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Denver DumpsterIf you are looking to rent a dumpster in Denver, CO, you have come to the right place! We provide only the best dumpster rental service in Denver and all of Colorado. Whether you are looking for a roll off container for your a remodel or weekly front-load service, Premier Dumpster Rental will get you the best dumpster rental price in your area. Get the 10, 20, 30 or 40 yard dumpster you are looking for. Premier Dumpster Rental has you covered for Denver Dumpster Rental! Call now at (888) 880-7713 for pricing and availability.

What Can I Put Into a Dumpster?

It’s a question that has been asked a thousand times before.  “What can I put into a dumpster?”  The answer is not as easy as it seems.  The obvious reply would be anything that you considered to be waste.  That’s not how the City of Denver sees it.  In fact, it has its own rules and regulations as to what can and cannot be placed in trash receptacles.

Items That Can Be Placed in a Dumpster

The type of dumpster that you obtain will determine what you can or cannot dispose of.  The following list explains what can be placed in a waste receptacle:

  • Regular household waste that cannot be recycled
  • Yard clippings placed in plastic bags

Some examples of recyclable items include plastic beverage and shampoo bottles, aluminum and tin cans, glass jars, newspapers, white office paper, and even corrugated cardboard.  If a recycling program is available, you should try to make every attempt to sort these items out from your regular household waste.  This helps you cut back on waste and beautify the planet with your effort.

Setting out Branches and Yard Waste

There are strict rules as to how to dispose of branches and yard waste.  Pay careful attention to these guidelines:

  • The city requires all loose branches be tied together in bundles no longer than 4 feet in length.  Bundles must not weigh more than 50 pounds and branches cannot exceed 4 inches in diameter.  A maximum of five bundles of branches or five bags of leaves per week can be placed in dumpsters.
  • Leaves in bags may not exceed 50 pounds each.
  • When removing large volumes of branches and/or bags of leaves from your yard, follow the LIP collection schedule for your neighborhood.  These items should be placed in back of your home in the alley.
  • Items should not be placed within 4 feet of the dumpster.

Items That Cannot Be Placed in a Dumpster

A lot of items are not suitable for the garbage.  The reason behind this is that they take up more space than is allowed by the average family in the city of Denver.  Here is what cannot be placed in a rental dumpster:

  • Furniture
  • Large appliances
  • Construction debris
  • Sod or dirt
  • Construction and building materials
  • Wood boards
  • Automotive materials
  • Car tires
  • Commercial and industrial waste
  • Hazardous waste or chemicals.

Trash service provided by the City & County of Denver/Solid Waste Management is picked up on a nine-week rotation schedule for large items like mattresses and furniture.  Only five items per household can be picked up in a nine week time period.
There are a number of places where you can find rental dumpsters in Denver.  The obvious option is through the city’s Yellow Pages.  The next option would be to find a company online that deals with this type of service.  Last but not least, you can rely on the recommendation of family members and friends who have also needed to rent a dumpster for a project or special event.

<?php echo  ?> DumpsterAt the moment, not everybody knows what to do when taking on a construction or renovating project. Probably the most forgettable expenses are the expenses affiliated with front load dumpster rental. While such costs might seem a touch trivial in comparison to the cost of the full building project, they should not be overlooked. Due to the amount of debris which is anticipated to be present during a remodeling project, it is only sensible to dispose of it as rapidly as possible.

Presently there can be in most cases only 2 types of containers for rent: front load and roll off. Their names are derived as a result of the approach in which they are loaded on and off of the trucks used to move them. For instance, with a front-load dumpster, a dump truck includes a mechanism that latches onto the container after which it lifts it to empty the waste. This particular kind of truck is acknowledged to be more efficient given that it can transport more trash to a dump site. Roll off containers are just 'rolled on' and 'rolled off' of the truck to in order to move and get rid of waste material. <?php echo  ?> Dumpster SizesTrucks are only capable of transporting these containers 1 at a time, which in turn could result in greater costs for the dumpster rental company.

Now that the differences between a front load garbage dumpster and a roll-off garbage dumpster have been pointed out, perhaps you are asking yourself which type of unit is the suitable one for your requirements. In virtually all instances, front load containers are exclusively supplied for permanent service. The hauler must obviously also have access to the correct gear. Due to the increased costs connected with front load rentals, not all haulers will supply them. With front load dumpsters, consumers can easily get in touch with the dumpster haulers and have them send over a truck to unload the waste. The garbage dumpster can be emptied into the dump truck on-site; the container does not need to be brought to the dump.

<?php echo  ?>, <?php echo ] ?> Roll OffMost of us have no idea what to anticipate regarding dumpster prices. It will often end up being around 3-5 hundred dollars for a seven day rental. This price range can change based on a number of factors, such as dumpster size, type of container and rental length. Likewise, the proximity of a local landfill is a consideration. Without many nearby landfill sites, dumpster rental organisations will have to travel far to empty the debris. This can result in higher costs to the provider, which subsequently are passed on to the buyer. In some places new construction is growing and so dumpster rentals may be in higher demand. So be sure you contact a company right now and do not delay!

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