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Minneapolis DumpsterIf you are looking to rent a dumpster in Minneapolis, MN, you have come to the right place! We provide only the best dumpster rental service in Minneapolis and all of Minnesota. Whether you are looking for a roll off container for your a remodel or weekly front-load service, Premier Dumpster Rental will get you the best dumpster rental price in your area. Get the 10, 20, 30 or 40 yard dumpster you are looking for. Premier Dumpster Rental has you covered for Minneapolis Dumpster Rental! Call now at (888) 880-7713 for pricing and availability.

Where Can I Put a Dumpster in Minneapolis?

Knowing where you can put your rental dumpster in Minneapolis can help you avoid breaking city ordinances and incurring costly penalties. In fact, without researching the topic of street use permits, you could make the mistake of placing your waste receptacle in the wrong location.  Even worse, you may rent your dumpster from a storage container company that is not approved by the city and this can cause you more trouble than it’s worth.

If I Rent a Dumpster, Where Am I Allowed to Place It?

Here are a few things you should know about the placement of your rental dumpster in the city of Minneapolis:

  • A dumpster or storage unit can be placed in the street or public right-of-way with a street permit.
  • No permit is required to place a dumpster or storage unit in the driveway only of a residential property but homeowners or building contractors wishing to place a dumpster or storage container on the street in the City of Minneapolis should contact a solid waste hauler or storage container company from the approved list.

Who Is Allowed to Obtain Street Use Permits?

As of June 1, 2007, only Minneapolis licensed Solid Waste Haulers, Wrecking Contractors or storage container companies are allowed to obtain Street Use Permits.  Despite how untimely it may seem, permits are not valid during scheduled street cleaning or snow emergencies.  All parking restrictions must be adhered to which poses the question, how long are permits good for?

The Different Types of Permits Offered By the City of Minneapolis

Depending on the nature of your project, you may need to keep a rental dumpster on your premises longer than 30 days.  That’s where a 60 or 90 day permit comes in.  This length of time gives greater flexibility in the off chance that you need the dumpster or storage unit longer than you anticipated.

Minneapolis Street Use Permit Fee Schedule

These fees should be considered only for dumpsters or portable, temporary storage containers:

  • All Residential and Commercial 30 Days $74.00
  • All Residential and Commercial 60 Days $148.00
  • All Residential and Commercial 90 Days (maximum) $222.00

Rental dumpsters serve a purpose.  No matter whether they are for residential or commercial use, these receptacles provide the citizens of Minneapolis with a place to dispose of debris and waste safely and conveniently.  This keeps yards and streets free from litter which maintains the beauty of the Twin Cities.  No one wants to visit a place and see it overrun with garbage, unwanted household items or leftovers from a remodeling project.

Licensed companies dealing with dumpster rental provide a valuable service to Minneapolis.  If you are in need for a receptacle to place your trash, it is worth the effort to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations required by the city.  This can prevent you from making a costly mistake by renting a dumpster without a permit or placing it in a restricted area.


<?php echo  ?> DumpsterAt the moment, not everybody knows where to start when facing a development or remodeling job. One of the most likely overlooked cost in a construction or renovating job can often be the fee for a dumpster to rent. While these costs may perhaps appear a touch minor compared to the cost of the entire building undertaking, they should not be ignored. Due to the amount of waste that is likely to be present during a renovation job, it is only reasonable to dispose of it as soon as possible.

Usually, there will be only two kinds of containers that a person can book: a front load container and a roll-off dumpster. The names of these containers are representative of the technique that is utilised to carry and empty them. For instance, with a front-load container, a dump truck incorporates a mechanism that latches onto the dumpster and then lifts it to empty the rubbish. This kind of truck is known to be more efficient since it can bring more trash to a land fill site. Roll off dumpsters are just 'rolled on' and 'rolled off' of the truck to as a way to transport and dispose of waste material. <?php echo  ?> Dumpster SizesThese types of dumpsters can only be transported 1 at a time, yet they do generally carry more waste than a front load container given that they are significantly bigger.

Now that the particular differences between a front load container and a roll off dumpster have been pointed out, you are probably wondering the kind of container is the suitable one for your requirements. Usually front-loads are only supplied if you need long term dumpster service for instance a restaurant or small business. The hauler must obviously also have access to the suitable trucks. Thanks to the larger costs involved with front load rentals, not all haulers will supply them. With front-load garbage containers, end users may simply get in touch with the dumpster haulers and have them send over a truck to dump the garbage. The providers will not have to transport the container to a dump site, but can in fact empty it into the storage unit on the back of the truck.

<?php echo  ?>, <?php echo ] ?> Roll OffMost of us have not a clue what to anticipate regarding dumpster prices. In many situations, it costs around $300-$500 to book a dumpster 7 days. This cost structure can change depending on a multitude of variables, which includes dumpster size, type of container and rental duration. In addition, it is important to consider the number of land fill sites in the region. Without many close by landfill sites, dumpster rental companies will have to travel far to empty the waste. This can lead to greater fees to the provider, which subsequently are passed on to the consumer. In some places new construction is booming and so dumpster rentals may be in higher demand. So be sure you call a company now and don't wait!

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